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The Chemical and Agricultural industries as a whole, enables the “world of things” where the food we eat, the things we touch, the vehicles we commute in, the buildings we live in and the healthcare we receive are largely influenced by which. Driven by rising demands and the need to shape the future of the environment with a greater emphasis on sustainability, this emphasis results in higher project complexities. Executives now need to display strong leadership across geographical borders and technical expertise to thrive in this highly competitive arena.

With many countries in Asia relying heavily on Agriculture as a large propelling force behind their economies, parallel domains in the likes of food and animal sciences, agrochemical, ingredients, etc. are all closely knitted and experiencing significant market movement & growth. Increasing populations & rising ages globally, calls for a greater attention to the health & nutritional aspects of the things we consume in our daily lives.

Together with first-hand knowledge and understanding of emerging market trends, Lincoln HR Group takes a customized approach to address your talent needs in this unique field. We have proven ourselves to handle highly niche and specialized positions, helping businesses to yield better results in commercial, technical and operational efficiency in the markets they service.

Sectors in Focus

  • Chemicals / Petrochemicals
  • Plastics
  • Food Ingredients
  • Flavour & Fragrances
  • Animal & Human Nutrition & Health
  • Animal Breeding
  • Agricultural Commodities


  • Sales & Marketing
  • Technical
  1. Application Development
  2. Field/Technical Service
  3. R&D
  • Operations
  1. Manufacturing
  2. Supply Chain & Logistics