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Our group

Lincoln, founded in 1992, is an international, independent talent management consulting firm.


Who are we ?

With our European culture, we continue to grow in Europe, Asia and Dubai through our understanding of both local intercultural challenges as well as the global or regional playing fields of the partners in the Lincoln community.

Our vision 

At Lincoln, we firmly believe that trust is key, both for individual fulfillment and for the growth of the company. Confident and serene Talents are capable of fully engaging and giving their best. They then become a powerful driver of performance for the company. We are also convinced that a professional life should not be seen as a succession of opportunities. It should be built on a long-term vision, through a clear professional project that we define hand in hand, step by step.

This is why we are Talent Agents: allies you can trust and rely on, present at every step to advise, support, and enlighten you. We dedicate our energies to nurture and inspire you, to help you evolve and grow, to give you the desire and the ability to overcome your apprehensions and go even further…

We also help you build and develop the best teams to stand by your side.

Individuals, teams, companies: together, let’s build a flourishing future.

Our mission

Our mission is to support leaders and managers throughout their professional life cycles.  This means a perfect understanding of the economy, their segment of activity, and a profound knowledge of people, the ecosystem and the key skills needed to succeed.
That is why Lincoln clusters its executive search, executive interim  management and leadership advisory services within specialised segment practices.  By combining these services, we are able to offer solutions that meet the specific needs of each professional community.

Trustful professional mobility

We have the conviction that Talents drive the successful transformation of our businesses and that it is because they trust in seamless professional mobility that they are able to work to their full potential.
Therefore, by bringing to bear our dual expertise as functional experts – a coordinator of professional communities – and specialists in the assessment of behavioural skills, we are able to provide long-term advice to Talents and identify the most suitable opportunities.

Improving the understanding of leadership: transformational leadership by Lincoln

At Lincoln, we believe that uncertainty and volatility are enablers of development, and so we engage in a collaborative approach to innovation, aimed at improving our understanding of leadership.
The purpose of our searches is to identify key skills and model the leadership of a company undergoing complete transformation in order to successfully harness the benefits and negate the risks inherent in ongoing changes in our economies.  Based on this model, we design specific assessment tools and Leadership Development modules (Training and Coaching) offering the possibility of acquiring all or part of the skills of a Lincoln transformational leader.