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Interim Managers “Transformation Experts by Lincoln”

Lincoln, Executive Interim Management expert, launches the first international community of Interim managers, defined as ” Transformation Experts ”

Transformation is a big challenge for organizations facing major changes.

Today companies are using more external resources on a one-off mission to implement their transformation processes. These crucial phases require experienced managers who have the know-how of setting organizations in motion.

As a major player in Executive Interim Management, Lincoln decided to go one step further by gathering the best Talents within our Interim manager community to create an exceptional group.

“Transformation Experts” will be the Lincoln label of transformation excellence .

Lincoln has created a unique solution in the Executive Interim Management market.

Lincoln single out four behavioural dimensions necessary to guide an organization towards a successful transformation:

  • Developing a vision,
  • Nurturing  uncertainty,
  • Strengthen confidence,
  • Cultivating a care environment.

To measure these behavioural dimensions, Lincoln has created a unique solution in the Executive Interim Management market: a unique Assessment / Serious Game developed and dedicated exclusively  to transformation experts


  • Who are they ? General Managers, CFOs, HRDs, Operation Directors, IT & Digital Directosr, Marketing & Sales Directors, … members of  Lincoln Community  in Paris, Brussels, Singapore, Hong Kong  and Shanghai.
  • Profiles: All at least bilingual, cumulating several successful transformation missions. Recognized professionals in Executive Interim Management in their sector of activity, they have experience in situations with strong strategic stake and know how to move the lines by nurturing creativity, resilience and sense of initiative.

This  community of Interim managers  will be supported and animated by Lincoln:

  • With a specific Lincoln program aimed at raising even further the level of excellence of these experts with meetings & thematic workshops and expert intervention.
  • Each “Transformation Expert” will work in partnership with his Lincoln consultant, a specialist in the sector of activity / profession concerned.