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Outlook 2020, activity report 2019, discover the new edition of our progress report!

Lincoln publishes its progress report for the year 2019! As you explore our progress report, discover our 2019 retrospective as well as our plans for 2020.

Heading for the Talent Agent

Our strategic evolution towards the Lincoln consultant becoming a «Talent Agent» was rewarded in the first year with an organic growth of 9%. These results, as well as the renewed confidence of our faithful community of Talents, encourage us to go ever further in the coconstruction of a serene and ambitious mobility:


  • The Talents we support deploy their full potential in servicing the objectives that are decisive for the companies they join. Our presence at their side and our advice are a guarantee of confidence in the realization of major projects, and we work every day to strengthen them.


  • More united, more present with our Talents throughout their mobility cycles, we have the precious opportunity to enrich our mutual knowledge, to cultivate together a long term relationship and build the best teams.


  • Organizations are moving towards ever greater agility, raising with increasing acuity the issue of Talents mobility. Developing the external employability of Talents is the whole point of the innovative support offer we are launching this year.

The Talent Club of Companies

Passionate about our mission and convinced by this great growth potential, we decided, in early 2020, to join the Talent Club of Companies* to amplify our Talent Agent strategy and participate in the creation of an international leader in Talent Management. Through this alliance, we intend to further accelerate our international development and multiply our innovations in the service of talent deployment.

*The Talent Club is an international federation of companies specialized in the management and representation of Talents in high demand areas such as sport, digital, management or art. A privately owned holding company created in June 2019, The Talent Club acquires majority stakes in leading talent management players in their markets and inspired by their mission as Talent Agent.

To read the progress report, click here or on the image.