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Pioneering Therapeutic Advancements: Owkin and Evotec Unite in AI-Powered Collaboration

Exciting developments are reshaping the landscape of therapeutics, as Owkin and Evotec unite in a pioneering strategic partnership powered by artificial intelligence (AI). In a move set to revolutionize oncology, immunology, and inflammation (I&I), both entities are leveraging cutting-edge technologies and shared expertise to drive unprecedented progress.

Harnessing AI for Therapeutic Breakthroughs

Owkin, a prominent French-American techbio company, is poised to utilize AI to identify indication-relevant targets and subgroups, employing its state-of-the-art target discovery engine across multimodal patient data. Meanwhile, Evotec, renowned for its collaborative research and development (R&D) platform, will expedite and de-risk target validation, drug candidate identification, and pre-clinical development activities up to the investigational new drug application (IND) stage.

Strategic Program Planning for Success

At the heart of this collaboration lies the establishment of a joint research strategy team tasked with guiding the partnership’s trajectory. This team will craft tailored strategic program plans, overseeing the entire journey from target selection to IND submission, thus ensuring program success. The symbiotic relationship between Owkin and Evotec aims to optimize capital efficiency, mitigate risks, and expedite the development of crucial therapeutics.

Financial Framework and Commitment to Success

Under the terms of the agreement, Evotec stands to receive R&D funding from Owkin, alongside potential performance milestone payments and royalties on product sales. This strategic financial framework emphasizes a shared commitment to collaborative success and underscores the reciprocal advantages each partner brings to the table.




Dr. Matthias Evers, Chief Business Officer of Evotec, expresses enthusiasm about the convergence of AI and scientific innovation in drug development, highlighting the partnership’s potential to address pressing unmet needs in therapeutic areas. Dr. Thomas Clozel, Co-founder, and CEO of Owkin, emphasizes the core of their pipeline strategy, marrying in silico hypothesis generation through AI with experimental lab validation.

Building on a Legacy of Innovation

This collaboration follows Owkin’s recent partnerships with Merck & Co and Cerba Path, where AI-powered diagnostics for cancer were pioneered. The integration of AI-driven tests into standard clinical practice showcases Owkin’s commitment to revolutionizing colorectal cancer diagnosis.

A Vision for Healthcare Transformation

As we bear witness to the dynamic collaboration between Owkin and Evotec, we are reminded of the profound impact that technology and innovation can wield in healthcare. Together, these entities stand at the forefront of catalyzing positive change in therapeutic realms, offering hope to patients worldwide.

Let us celebrate this milestone in medical innovation and eagerly anticipate the groundbreaking discoveries that will emerge from the synergistic fusion of AI and drug development.


By Helena De Sousa Arezes – Talent Agent at Lincoln Switzerland