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Career Transition support is specific and adapted to the participant’s needs and expectations.  It is composed of two distinct stages:

A primary stage which allows the participant to:

  • Accurately analyse their career path to date,
  • Assess their preferred working methods, their strengths and motivational drivers,
  • Define their career plan and search strategy

The purpose of this stage is to objectively focus on their preferred working methods, define and clarify their career path and their future plans.

An operational coaching stage to assist the participant with:

  • Implementing their search strategy,
  • Examining any ongoing leads and analysing their actions,
  • Training adapted to their needs (career presentation, discussion of successes and failures, arguing effectively for a job…)

The purpose of this stage is to have regular and individual discussions with their consultant to better structure and focus their search.

The consultants involved are all experts in three different focus areas. They draw on their expertise to ensure the success of the support programme:

  • Experience in assessment and personality profiling
  • Experience in recruitment consultancy
  • Experience in training and support, focusing on behavioural aptitudes


At each assessment stage, they are able to draw on these areas of expertise, meaning the participant benefits from a comprehensive and tailored approach.

The consultants involved are also able to draw on the expertise of consultants in the various fields of activity within the Group, using their knowledge in their respective professional communities to serve the participant.