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Lincoln, founded in 1992, is an international, independent talent management consulting firm.

Collective commitment. The collective success of Lincoln employees, mutual trust, and the pleasure of working together are the foundation of our company culture and our continued success.

It is our deeply held belief that we are better off together.  It is in this frame of mind that we decided to offer our partners a global approach to talent management that brings together business experts from each segment.


Respect and caring. Respect for individuals in all their diversity and originality is the foundation of our work.  We build long-lasting relationships based on trust. We attach the greatest importance to the applicant’s experience.  That is why we organise an in-depth, biannual satisfaction survey to improve our role as consultants and our tailor-made support.

We are also very active with our partners and associations in terms of helping job seekers find work.


Responsibility. We value initiative, daring and entrepreneurship as the means to invent Talent Management for the 21st century.

We support those Lincolnians who seek to create and develop businesses or support associations and projects that correspond to our societal commitments.


Innovation and the search for excellence. Constantly improving, with humility and tenacity, our understanding of human behaviour enriches our advisory offer.

The creation and deployment of our transformational leadership model began in 2016, the same year in which we launched our digital transformation in order to further our ongoing search for excellence.

In France, Lincoln is a member of the EBG, the leading club for digital innovation.


Our social and societal commitments

Lincoln is a fully committed player favouring a human and inclusive development model that creates value for all. We have a real responsibility towards the world we live in, and our civic commitments are inseparable from our professional commitments.

Seeking employment is a major social experience for professionals and we establish long-term relationships with them throughout.

We are also highly committed to the promotion of diversity and equal opportunities with regard to access to employment.  We raise our clients’ awareness with regards to the strength in variety and complementary nature of Talents, a source of richness for the company.


In France, Lincoln is a founding member of the association “A Compétence Egale”.

“Ever conscious of the role that recruitment intermediaries must play in the fight against discriminatory recruitment and for the promotion of diversity, Lincoln has made a concrete commitment in this respect by co-founding, with six other companies, the association “A Compétence Egale” (“Equally Skilled”).  In this way, Lincoln is able to play an active everyday role in fighting discrimination in all its forms and promoting diversity to our customers by applying the founding principles set out in the “A Compétence Egale” Code of Conduct”.