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Lincoln, founded in 1992, is an international, independent talent management consulting firm.

Nurturing Talent
We nurture our teammates and talents to grow and develop, by training, bonding and coaching in this constantly changing environment to create a positive impact.

Accountable Role Model
We share a common goal of being responsible towards our talent community by bringing forth a positive impact to them through the advices we give and the actions we display. Each of us makes a conscious effort to fulfil our own responsibility, with an understanding of what is best for the business and our talents.

Generously enlightening
We genuinely care for our talents; we share our advice generously and willingly, with a highly personalized approach to offer them the best mobility experience. We aspire to affect positively our surrounding community and move towards a fairer society: that’s what Lincoln is all about.

Audacious together
Through curiosity, tenacity and convictions, we work together on having a real impact on our talents communities. We dare to innovate by encouraging risk-taking and bold initiatives in order to progress towards a better future.